8-28-02 - 1


I saw "The Good Girl" last night; good movie. Jennifer Aniston is used as a lure to get people into the theater that normally wouldn't watch an "art" movie. It's written by Mike White, who wrote "Chuck & Buck", which was a *great* movie. Those movies are exactly the kind I've always been interested in making - little sad stories about life. The characters are a little bit unusual, but still believable, they're not over-the-top characitures like so many movies. I think that sadness (and the associated compassion) is one of the few beautiful things in the world.

I'd like to make a movie about a telemarketer. He's despised by most of the people he talks to throughout the day, how can he live with himself given that he spends his days doing such an insulting and pointless job? To him, his life is just like the rest of the human experience - the work's unpleasant, the people he talks to are rude to him, but he tries to joke with coworkers, he hates his boss, he's shy around a girl he likes at the coffee machine, and he looks at garbage men and wonders how they can stand their job. He wants more from his life, and he dreams of going to a fashion design school, but instead he watches TV at night.

I want to work on stories about the human experience.

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